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Cricket Bat Gray Nicolls Nitro Atomic

Manufacturer: GRAY NICOLLS

This bat was created by Gray-Nicolls in partnership with some of the world’s finest professional cricketers so that you are assured of its tried and tested quality. It is the cricketers who know best what they need in a bat; thus, this creation is truly the perfect choice. Endorsed by many of the world’s best cricketers, this bat is a great choice for professional and non-professional players. This bat allows for maximum power and control through the use of carbon instead of the usual cork/rubber mix spring. This carbon ensures that the maximum energy is transferred from the bat to the ball for a more powerful hit. This bat is a popular choice among all levels of players because of its impressive feel and modern look. Its blue and red design makes it look futuristic yet powerful. It features the unique Atomic handle and has its own unique shoulder and toe profiling. Crafted from grade one English willow, this cricket bat has an imposing yet well-crafted profile and professionally bowed blade to allow the batter better control and power to help you deliver the best strikes. Factory-prepared to ensure high performance, it can even be customized so that your name will be displayed prominently on the edges.
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GN0082 BAT GN NITRO ATOMIC - Short Handle, Men SH $349.00
GN0083 BAT GN NITRO ATOMIC - Long Handle, Men SH $349.00